Our company offers administration services to the yacht owners by providing monthly reports of ordinary, as well as extraordinary maintenance and repair expenditures, in accordance to the strict guidelines established by the yacht owners. This solution eliminates all the frustrations related to worrying about wasting time and money.

Can you think of a worse situation that to arrive for your holiday on your boat, maybe with friends, to find that the vessel has many problems and is not fir to sail?

We have seen this situation on many occasions when the boat owner, family and friends spend their precious vacation time waiting for the boat to be repaired instead of enjoying the cruise.

Thanks to our ‘All Yacht Service’ team we can maintain your boat all year round and ensure that it is in perfect working condition so that when you arrive on board the only thing that you have to be concerned about is turning the key to start the motor.

We can take care of your vessel in every way:

  • Ensuring that the crew are paid and prepared for the journey
  • Paying marina fees
  • Paying insurance premiums
  • Performing maintenance checks and scheduling repairs
  • Checking safety equipment and communications devices
  • Readying the boat with provisions for the trip
  • Installing specialist equipment such as fishing gear

After more than 35 years’ experience in the industry, building, selling and maintaining yachts, you can be sure that your yacht is in the best of hands in Panama.