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29 August


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Pedro Miguel Locks Panama

This photo taken at the first set of locks that we went through.

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of how the Panama Canal works and how fun it can be taking your own boat through.

I put the boat into a Marina after passing through the Canal where it will remain while I visit family and friends over the holidays back in California. We all had a flight back to California on December 1st so we had some time to explore Panama City.

Speaking of WE, I should introduce you to my crew that helped in going through the Canal. Bob, my first mate, Glen and Glena cruiser friends from Mazatlan, Joanne, my childrens mother and the woman who put up with me for many years, and Tracy who Joanne and I met on the Copper Canyon tour in Mexico.

Now for the fish lovers among you. We went to a fish market in Panama City. Fresh fish that you can pick out a buy and then take it up stairs to a cafe to have them prepare the fish as you wish and serve it and eat it there. It is the closest thing to eating fresh fish and not being on the boat where it was caught.

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