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For product knowledge that is unsurpassed. From the fighting chair to the aluminum outrigger to the tuna door and tuna tower with controls and steering.

We speak from experience and first-hand knowledge With a combined twenty years in the industry, we offer our clients insight and guidance that is unparalleled when looking for fishing boats for sale in Panama.

Andromeda Yachts loves helping clients find the perfect fishing boat and love assisting sportfish owners on that sad day when they decide to sell their yacht.

Fishing boats for sale in Panama

Whether it’s a high performance yacht or a fishing yacht that you are looking for, Andromeda Yachts has access to the most impressive yachts on the water and an expert broker will hand pick the finest Motor yachts for sale in Panama to suit your requirements.

Buying A Yacht in Panama

A yacht is an extremely private investment. It's an emotional decision as well as a significant financial one. The search for the right yacht requires professional guidance as well as personal insight.

How is a buyer supposed to pick out the real deal? The best yacht, the best value? This is where the Andromeda Yachts brokerage team comes into its own to help you find out the best Motor yachts for sale in Panama.

Our brokers are the experts who can guide you through the many Motor yachts for sale in Panama to choose from.

Selling a Yacht in Panama

Where will you keep her?

If you are to buy a used yacht in Panama you surely want to make good use of her, so best decide where you want to keep her and make sure it’s feasible. Check mooring fees, availability and suitability

With whom will you sail?

Perhaps so, but it is regularly a surprise to the new boat owner that when the concrete invitations finally go out, committed crew are suddenly less plentiful than you might have expected

Consider how easy your new purchase is to sail shorthanded.

Don’t buy a used yacht in Panama that’s too labour-intensive for your proposed use and crew profile.

Bluewater and teak decks or a plastic fantastic?

Buying a yacht in Panama is only the beginning expense; here’s what you need to know about the cost of owning one.

Mooring and Storage

Fortunately, it’s a fixed cost from year to year, and that makes it easy to plan for. Decide where you’d like to be based, get a quote, and do the math.


Shop around for insurance agencies that specialize in yachts, because there are many clauses and catch-phrases that are unfamiliar to the average insurance agent. Insurance companies that specialize in boats often provide surprising discounts for both your own skills and the equipment on your boat.

Other discounts may apply for built-in fire extinguisher systems, electronic safety and nav gear, and more. Where you cruise (and how far offshore, if you go into the ocean) can also have an effect on the cost of insurance.

Operational Expenses

Combining performance and practicality, sport fisher yachts are built with game-fish in mind. Whether you're a serious fisherman or just enjoy weekends with the family while trying to catch dinner, sportfishing yachts can give you speed, comfort, stability, and reliability. Andromeda Yachtts has a wide variety of Sport Fishing Boats for Sale in Panama

Because the reefs and depths that these waters present more opportunity, the realm of offshore sportfishing is one that you will enjoy once you have some experience. But that's not to say you require experience to enjoy your sportfishing adventure, in fact it's easier than ever for beginners to start.

There's a bevy of equipment that can maximize your yield on any sport fishing yacht, from outriggers to towers and livewells, there are many modifications you can make for your sport fishing yacht. Fishing towers can give you an eagle eye view to spot large schools of fish, or where your next huge catch is waiting.

Sport Fishing Boats for Sale in Panama