Family-Friendly Fishing Boats

There was a time when boats were just boats. If you weren't a sailor, you were a powerboater, and if so, you were happy to have one — any one, any size — so you could buzz around the bay, cast a line, water ski, or do whatever you loved to do on the water. There are a large number of options for fishing boats for sale in Panama

Times change, and powerboats evolved into specialized niche designs — specifically for lake or saltwater fishing, extended cruising, water sports, and more. When times were good, the lucky ones could afford multiple boats — maybe one to go fishing with the guys on Saturday, another to tool around the lake or take a river cruise, then go for a swim with the family on Sunday.

Andromeda Yachts are your trusted advisor in the quest to find the yacht of your dreams. We will guide you through the steps to buy a yacht in Panama.

We assist both domestic and international buyers from around the world in finding the perfect vessel to fit their lifestyles. Yacht buying can be stressful, so we strive to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Figure Out What You Can Afford

As you start looking at boats you’ll find that they range in price from a few thousand to millions of dollars.  Calculate what you can afford and need a borrow before starting your search.

Search and Preview

Our brokers will guide you through the search process by carefully listening to your requirements and assist in helping you select a vessel that will best suit your needs.

Visit a Lot of Boats

When it comes to choosing the perfect yacht in Panama boat then, perhaps, the first key question is do you want a sailing boat or a powerboat?

The advantages of buying a sailing yacht in Panama

Cost: Sail power is free... pretty much. Okay you have the cost of sails, but with fuel prices always under threat of moving upwards, running costs are generally cheaper when your fuel is free.

Silence: If you are looking to get away, there is nothing like the silence and natural power of sail, and I truly feel you are closer to nature when gliding through the water without the assistance of an engine.

Activity: Most boats have sails you will need to put up and down and change (although some are set up to be as easy to handle as possible). That means you can involve all your crew in a way you can't on a power boat.

Of course most yachts will have an engine as well, so when you run out of breeze or have a difficult harbour to negotiate, you can always turn to it, while enjoying the delights of sail the rest of the time.

Unless you’re buying a classic wooden boat with particular pedigree, most boats don’t appreciate in value the way houses do—they depreciate.  They’re more like cars in that respect: Drive it off the lot or away from the dock and its value plummets.

The idea of a brand-new boat is hard to resist, but you might get better value finding a used boat to buy that’s been lightly used at a reduced price and take advantage of all the almost-new-equipment lavished on the boat. It’s true, we love our boats and we lavish gifts upon our loved ones—GPS’s, electronics, charts, fishing equipment, canvas, lines, you name it.  Buying a used yacht in Panama with improvements, equipment, or customizations added to it at below new price levels is a great reason to consider used over new.

Cheaper Price

Selecting the right yacht brokerage when selling your yacht improves the length of time your vessel is on the market as well as how much you can potentially get for it. We are the leaders in used yachts for sale in Panama.

Our brokerage offices specialize in pre-owned cruising boats, including sailing catamarans and monohulls as well as power yachts.

Our sailing monohulls and sail and power catamarans are designed and equipped for performance, comfort, and reliability for both casual cruising and blue water sailing.

Andromeda Yachts brings value and expertise to the boating experience. Whether you are buying or selling a new or used yacht, you want someone who has boating experience, deep product knowledge, staying power, and passion.

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