The search for the right yacht requires professional guidance as well as personal insight. Every yacht is different and our team of expert brokers are ready to work for you to find you the right yacht at the right price when you are looking at yachts for sale Panama.

Our business philosophy focuses on client services.

We believe that clients deserve honest and professional service before, during and after the sale which the professionals at Andromeda Yachts work to deliver.

We recognized the need for a small, personal, experienced brokerage and service business free from large firm pressures and in-house politics that compromise ethical concepts.

Our success is based on honesty and trust coupled with skilled sales and service professionals.

Yacht Brokerage in Panama

We are a full service yacht / boat brokerage located in Panama City.

We service Panama City including the Pearl Islands, Bocas del Toro and San Blas. We offer a local representation with international reach.

You have a lot invested in your boat, so it only makes sense to entrust a top yacht brokerage to handle its sale. Working with an experienced professional yacht broker, like Andromeda Yachts, gives you an appreciable advantage over the competition. It can make all the difference in the length of time your sail or power yacht is on the market and the final price negotiated when it is sold. We have many years’ experience with second hand boats for sale in Panama.

We have a range of used yachts for sale, from the big to the small, for living, leisure, cruising and holidays sailing the seas we can help you find the one which is right for you.

With over 30 years’ experience we know boats, and we’ll guide you through the whole process so you can be sure you have all the support you need when making your dream purchase. Our comprehensive buying process outlines all you need to know

Unsurpassed level of service

Established in 2010, Andromeda Yachts is recognised as the largest and most experienced Yacht dealer and distributor in Panama.

Whether it’s a high performance yacht or a majestic, pedigree vessel that you are looking for, Andromeda Yachts has access to the most impressive Second Hand Yacht for Sale Panama and an expert Andromeda Yachts broker will hand pick the finest motor yacht opportunities to suit your requirements.

Buy a second hand yacht for sale Panama at great value

Our sailing monohulls and sail and power catamarans are designed and equipped for performance, comfort, and reliability for both casual cruising and blue water sailing. The yachts are maintained by our dedicated teams.

If you’re looking for a boat to live aboard, sail the world, or just cruise locally, check our listings and contact our sales staff.

How to buy second hand yacht for sale Panama

There is nothing more exhilarating than having Red Snapper, Grouper, and Amberjack on the other end of the line.

Very few people in the world experience the satisfaction of preparing your tackle, planning your course, readying your dredge, and the excitement of hooking up with one of the largest fish in the ocean as the reward for all of your hard work.

Sport Fishing Yachts for Sale

Combining performance and practicality, sportfisher yachts are built with game-fish in mind. Whether you're a serious fisherman or just enjoy weekends with the family while trying to catch dinner, sportfishing yachts can give you speed, comfort, stability, and reliability.

Because the reefs and depths that these waters present more opportunity, the realm of offshore sportfishing is one that you will enjoy once you have some experience. But that's not to say you require experience to enjoy your sportfishing adventure, in fact it's easier than ever for beginners to start.

Sportfish Characteristics:

By accepting cruising invites from friends or business associates, you’ll eventually learn what type of yacht best suits you. Do you like the smaller, more easily maneuvered yacht? Or does your desire include a longer, more luxurious yachting experience? Simply experiencing the yachting experience on a more frequent basis will help you answer these kinds of questions below:

  • What will I be doing on this boat? Will it be for business, pleasure or both?
  • Will I live and work from here seasonally?
  • Who will be with me? How many guests would I regularly like to bring along?
  • What length of yacht works best?
  • Where do I plan to cruise? What speed and range are necessary to do that?
  • Where will I store my yacht?
  • Is an on-board crew necessary?

Know Your Yachting Affordability