Yacht Brokerage in Panama

Andromeda Yachts brokerage division is at the forefront of the yachting market in Panama.

Andromeda yacht brokerage in Panama are regarded as the true experts in the industry, which is why our greatest source of business comes from regular clients

So, whether you are interested in selling, buying or commissioning a new construction project, our Yacht brokerage in Panama is consistently on hand to support and guide you, offering their knowledge and expertise to present you with the very best opportunities that the yachting market has to offer.

Whether buying or selling a luxury yacht Andromeda yacht brokerage in Panama delivers a bespoke service like no other.

Our reputation for market making and matching the right yacht to the right client is matched by our marketing of central agency yachts, delivering real impact to individuals and media channels around the world.

Be Realistic when trying to sell your yacht

During the time it takes to convince owners of the market value their boats value has dropped again. Price accurately for quick sale, maximum price and minimum carrying costs. We have enough tools today to establish reasonable expectations. If your boat is a "rock star" in condition and equipment then start at the top of the market and listen.

Our Process

1) Broker inspects the boat and provides owner with a list of service recommendations insuring the boat shows well. Only one chance to make a first impression. Corrosion, odors, dirty bilges will keep shoppers from wanting your boat

2) Price, price, price... This is the most critical element. Price the boat to reflect her condition and equipment. Look what is on the market today, recent sales and what this amount of money can buy. Do you compete?

3) Make the public and brokers aware of her condition and availability. We cannot overemphasize the importance of the flow of information between brokerage firms. The yacht description, photos, details, condition and availability can quickly be distributed among brokers and firms.

The photos of our listings need to be enticing. Every effort is made to keep our boat pictures high resolution and fresh. Not all brokers or brokerage firms are fully cooperating with outside firms. This lack of cooperation slows down the sales process for the boat owner and can result in a lower sale price.

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